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College Student Visa Application

College Student Visa

The College Student Visa is for students who study at Japanese language schools in Japan. It is valid for 6 months or 1 year from the day of your arrival in Japan. It can be extended to maximum 2 years (excluding the preparation period of 3 months for your departure).

Please refer to this website for more information about visa

If you want to apply for a College Student Visa, please prepare necessary documents (a certificate of graduation, proof that you have sufficient financial resources, etc.). KAI will then make submission to the Tokyo Immigration Office.

Time of entry and application deadline

  Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Registration late Jul.
previous year
late Oct.
previous year
late Jan. late Apr.
Submit to the Immigration Office late Sep.
previous year
late Nov.
previous year
late Mar. late May
Result will be known by
Paying registration fee and tuition
Sending the Certificate of
Eligibility issued by the immigration
late Nov.
previous year
late Feb. late May late Sep.
Going to the Japanese Embassy
for interview to obtain visa
late Dec.
previous year
late Mar. late Jun. late Sep.
  • Visa application fee should be paid upon the submission of the visa application document.
  • When number of applicants is full, we will close application.


Visa application fee: 20,000 JPY

  • This should be paid when you submit the visa application documents.
  • This is not refundable.

School fee for 1 year (4 terms)

[ JPY ]

Tuition for a year KAI DLS Insurance Total
After 2nd
If paid at once 20,000 790,000 - 40,000 10,000 860,000
If paid by
20,000 400,000 2nd time
2nd time
10,000 890,000
3rd time
3rd time
  • After receiving visa permission from the Immigration Authorities, your school fees as above should be paid before the registration deadline.
  • Registration fee is valid for 2 years
  • In case you are unable to complete the entire school year, we will refund tuition for any remaining terms that you have yet to begin.
  • Upon arrival into Japan, you are required to apply for a Japanese National Health Insurance at your city /ward office (70% coverage). The remaining 30% medical expenses will be covered by the Student Insurance Program.
  • It is necessary to apply for a Japanese National Health Insurance to qualify for aid of Student Insurance Program.

Enrollment Procedures

STEP 1 Enrollment Inquiry
Please feel free to make inquiries.
STEP 2 KAI reviews your documents - upon acceptance of application documents, KAI applies to the Immigration Authorities
(20,000 JPY for visa application fee required).
STEP 3 Eligibility is confirmed (sending you a Certificate of Eligibility)
Immigration Authorities advises us of your eligibility- we inform you the result. KAI sends you the all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa.
STEP 4 Level Check Test
After a level check test, the school assigns you to a suitable class.
STEP 5 You go to a Japanese Embassy for an interview to obtain a visa.
STEP 6 Enter Japan
You should enter Japan about a week before the course begins.
STEP 7 Orientation
We have school orientation one day before the course begins.
STEP 8 Class Sessions Begin
Finally your class starts. Please enjoy studying Japanese at KAI.

Before you make an inquiry

We accept college student visa application with conditions attached with academic background and student's finances. Kindly note not all applications are accepted. All personal information is kept at the school for internal use. Fill out the following form (*necessary information) and click to send.