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Speech contest page launched

July 16, 2019 - Event, Japanese Course
The 34th Kai Speech Contest was held at Yoyogi Olympic Center as usual on March 11, 2019. The theme of the speech is "KAI", of course. 19 students from 11 countries chosen from each class made speeches. This year, 11 kinds of "Kai" such as "round (回)", "society (会)", "ocean (海)", "floor (階)", "solution (解)", "to open(開)", "border (界)", "together (偕)", "to amend (改)", "nostalgic (懐)", and "ash (灰)" were chosen. It was vey coincident to have so many 11s. It was on Marth 11th, the day the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and 11 students made speeches of 11 kinds of "Kai".


The speech contest page is here.