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Congratulations on the new Era name! "Reiwa" Celebration Campaign!

May 10, 2019 - Japanese Course

20190510 Reiwa_campaign

KAI Japanese Language School has started a "Reiwa" Celebration Campaign to support those who already reside in Japan. In tribute to the new Era name, "Reiwa" (Rei = 0 and Wa = 8), your tuition will be 80% of the full cost! Use this precious opportunity to improve all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) by attending our general course and make your life in Japan richer and more enjoyable!

Campaign Deadline: June 28, 2019

Campaign Course: General Course, July 2019 Term (July 1st to October 2nd)

Your Benefit
The tuition fee will be 20% off if you complete the booking by June 28, 2019! (The regular fee of 230,000 yen will be 184,000 yen.)
If you complete the booking by May 31, 2019, even the registration fee of 30,000 will be waived completely!

About the General Course
The General Course is best suited for learners who wish to master the Japanese language. It is designed to develop and create a balance among the four skills of language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The students can easily learn, prepare and review Japanese language not only in the class but also during commuting time and at home, etc. using KAI DLS (Digital Learning System) in a fun manner.

About KAI DLS (Digital Learning System)
It is KAI's original digital learning environment for the general course students. The students learn Japanese language using KAI's original digital materials on iPad. Flipped learning using videos, quizzes, etc. is one of the benefits of KAI DLS and it's highly appreciated by our students.


  • This campaign is eligible for those who already reside in Japan and directly apply to KAI Japanese Language School.
  • It is necessary to complete the payment within the campaign period in order to take advantage of the campaign offer.