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Winter Special Campaign!

December 28, 2011 - Japanese Course

KAI Japanese Language School would really like to support those who want to come to Japan and learn Japanese language despite this high yen period, and start “Winder Special Campaign”. Please enjoy learning Japanese language as well as Japan, and have a lot of fun in winter in Japan!


Campaign Period
Dec. 21, 2011 to Feb. 29, 2012

Course for Campaign
Practical Conversation Course starting from January to June, 2012.

Your Benefit
The tuition fee is 15% off! The tuition fee for 4-week course will be 85,000 JPY from 100,000 JPY and 8-week 170,000 JPY from 200,000 JPY.

About Practical Conversation Course
The Practical Conversation Course is a four-week conversation program for students wishing to study on a shorter-term basis. Each level consists of four weeks, though it is possible to participate week by week. The course includes five levels ranging from complete beginner to pre-intermediate, with an emphasis on immediate use of Japanese by developing communication skills. Besides the lessons, KAI provides various opportunities to learn so that your Japanese can efficiently improve.
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Benefits for students of Practical Conversation Course

A lot of optional services come with Practical Conversation Course as the benefits. Please experience each of them on this occasion.

"Free review class" (Optional.)
Prior to your lesson every day, a teacher supports your self-study based on the needs of each student at our study room for an hour. You can review the lessons, study kanji, do the homework and/or do your workbook. If you have any questions, ask the teacher anytime.

"Chatting salon" (Practical Course Students get a free coupon for each 4-week session.)
You can talk about any topics you want with a Japanese who’re specialized in talking with foreigners. It’s a very good opportunity to try your Japanese you have learned in the classroom.

"Free talk" (During the class)
On the last day of the course, some Japanese guests visit your class and have group conversations. It’s a grand sum of your 4-week study. You can surely feel how much your Japanese have improved.

"Kanji Experience " (Optional. 1,000 JPY each time.)
KAI offers 7 optional kanji experience activities during the session. You can learn kanji appearing at stations, stores and signboards which you often encounter during your stay in Japan.

"Cultural Activity " (Optional. 1,000 or 1,500 JPY each time.)
You can experience Japanese culture such as origami, calligraphy, sushi roll making and tea ceremony.

* Practical Conversation Course students get a free coupon which can be used for a kanji experience or cultural activity!


  • It is necessary to complete the payment within the campaign period in order to take advantage of the campaign benefit.
  • You can’t apply for multiple campaigns.

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