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Library Corner Has Opened

May 10, 2011 - Japanese Course


A small "Library Corner" has opened on the 2nd floor of the school.
Library Corner 1Library Corner 2
As of now, the number of books is 100+, but we have carefully selected the language and category of each and every book upon selection.

We hope that students will have a broad interest in not only the Japanese language, but also in our country and culture. In the near future, the library corner is planned to be expanded by the voice of our students.


 Number of Books
 - 121 (as of May 10, 2011)

 - Manga
 - Animation-based Book
 - Picture Book
 - Novel
 - Travel & Food
 - Culture & Tradition
 - Entering Schools in Japan
 - Working in Japan

 - Japanese
 - English
 - Korean
 *Non-Japanese books are either a translation of Japanese books, or its content that takes place in Japan.