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[School Closed During March] Our Response to Kanto-Tohoku Earthquake (2011.3.13 23:30)

March 14, 2011 -

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to those who have suffered damage of the big earthquake in Kanto-Tohoku Earthquake. And also, we would like to thank those who sent us messages to cheer us up.
In below, we are announcing our current situation, and school classes after 3/14 (Monday).

Classes After 3/14 (Mon)

Regarding the damages to our school facility, and considering the perspective of the government, we have decided to close the school during the rest of March.

Closing Period

・General Course: 3/14 (Mon) to 4/5 (Tue) (expected)

Re-Start on

・General Course: Spring Term (4/6) (expected)

On 3/14 (Mon) there will be no class. But we plan to hold a small seminar twice for those who need information on current situation of Japan/Tokyo after the earthquake, and how to prepare yourself for the expected aftershocks.
・For Morning classes: 3/14 (Mon) 12:00-13:00
・For Afternoon classes: 3/14 (Mon) 13:30-14:30

Reasons of Our Decision

Caused by the earthquake, we have found a few cracks on the walls inside/outside classrooms. According to architectural specialists we had invited to school to do checkup today, these cracks turned out to be only superficial, resulted when the building was swaying back and forth during the earthquake. They have also mentioned the possibility this crack would have damaged the frame of the building is quite low, but we are planning to ask for a further diagnosis of the building in the near future.

However, the government (Japan Meteorological Agency) says the possibility of having an aftershock as high as magnitude 7 (M7) during the next 3 days is 70%, and 50% during the further next 3 days.

Considering the fact that the size and strength of the earthquake we had experienced this time was by far worse than what we had expected, the safest decision we could make now was to close the school during the period these aftershocks are expected to come.

We feel very sorry for our students, that such a horrible incident has happened during your study at our school.

Keep Yourself Informed

We have set a policy to post our latest information on Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/kaijls) first, and then on our official website (http://www.kaij.jp/e/). Remember to check Facebook for the latest school information, and contact us through walls/e-mails/emergency phone numbers whenever you are in trouble. We are here to help.