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Grammar & Conversation Course

This course is designed to improve the conversation skills steadfast in an enjoyable atmosphere. A lot of speaking exercises are given in each class. A free talk session with Japanese guests is held on the last day of the course.

Voices from students

I am satisfied with my improvements.

Mariela, Italy

Very interactive - better for learning.

María, Costa Rica

I think their teaching method was very good and easy to understand. The lesson involves many conversational exercises, so you can be a much better speaker automatically.

Carolina, Spain

I can start talking with local people.

Fanstine, Indonesia

I learned much about Japanese and the activities are great.

Yu-tien, Taiwan

The elective lessons are very helpful, especially the kanji class.

María, Spain


July Jul. 9 to Aug. 3
August Aug. 6 to Aug. 24
Full Jul. 9 to Aug. 24
  • After August 24, students can continue their study in the Practical Conversation Course.


9:00 - 12:50 (50-minute lessons x 4/day)


Complete beginner to Advanced (7 levels)

Level Designed for Previous learning time CEFR level
1 Compelete beginner 0 - 100 hours Lower A1
2 Beginner (first stage) 80 - 160 hours Upper A1 - Lower A2
3 Beginner (middle stage) 180 - 250 hours Lower A2
4 Beginner (last stage) 240 - 350 hours Upper A2
5 Pre-intermediate 300 - 450 hours Lower B1
6 Intermediate 400 - 800 hours Middle B1
7 Advanced 700 - 1200 hours Upper B1 - Lower B2
  • Students who take this level must be able to read hiragana and katakana.
  • Students who take this level must be able to read N3 level kanji.

Class size

July max. 12 persons
August max. 15 persons

Register by

July / Full Friday June 22, 2018
August Friday July 20, 2018



See, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Tokyo!

KAI's various activities range from traditional to very up-to-date. In July, you can participate in all the activities with a fuss-free package. In August, you can participate in each activity individually. Please don't forget to apply for the activities too since the availability is limited.



Apply early and get a discount!

A special discount is applied to early registrations before April 9, 2018 for July Courses and May 7, 2018 for August Courses.

Standard Price Early Bird Material
July 159,000 142,000 2,000
August 122,000 109,000 2,000
Full 240,000 215,000 4,000
  • The students of Grammar & Conversation level 1 to 5 will receive both digital and printed materials while Grammar & Conversation level 6 and 7 will receive printed materials only.
  • The materials fee of Grammar & Conversation Course level 6 is 3,564 yen and level 7 is 2,052 or 4,104 yen.