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Grammar & Conversation Course

This course is designed to improve the conversation skills steadfast in an enjoyable atmosphere. A lot of speaking exercises are given in each class. A free talk session with Japanese guests is held on the last day of the course.

Voices from students

I am satisfied with my improvements.

Mariela, Italy

Very interactive - better for learning.

María, Costa Rica

I think their teaching method was very good and easy to understand. The lesson involves many conversational exercises, so you can be a much better speaker automatically.

Carolina, Spain

I can start talking with local people.

Fanstine, Indonesia

I learned much about Japanese and the activities are great.

Yu-tien, Taiwan

The elective lessons are very helpful, especially the kanji class.

María, Spain


July Jul. 8 to Aug. 2
August Aug. 5 to Aug. 23
Full Jul. 8 to Aug. 23
  • After August 23, students can continue their study in the Practical Conversation Course.


9:00 - 12:50 (50-minute lessons x 4/day)


Complete beginner to Advanced (7 levels)

Level Designed for Previous learning time CEFR level
1 Compelete beginner 0 - 100 hours Lower A1
2 Beginner (first stage) 80 - 160 hours Upper A1 - Lower A2
3 Beginner (middle stage) 180 - 250 hours Lower A2
4 Beginner (last stage) 240 - 350 hours Upper A2
5 Pre-intermediate 300 - 450 hours Lower B1
6 Intermediate 400 - 800 hours Middle B1
7 Advanced 700 - 1200 hours Upper B1 - Lower B2
  • Students who take this level must be able to read hiragana and katakana.
  • Students who take this level must be able to read N3 level kanji.

Class size

July max. 12 persons
August max. 15 persons

Register by

July / Full Friday June 21, 2019
August Friday July 19, 2019



See, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Tokyo!

KAI's various activities range from traditional to very up-to-date. In July, you can participate in all the activities with a fuss-free package. In August, you can participate in each activity individually. Please don't forget to apply for the activities too since the availability is limited.