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Calculating Your Budget

How Much Does It Cost In Total
To Join Our Summer Intensive Course?

To study at KAI, you'll need budget not only for the course
and activity fees, but also for your living cost in Tokyo.

- So how much do I need to stay in Tokyo for 3 weeks?
- And what would the total cost be including the tuition?

Here are some estimations you can refer to in planning your budget.

Fee Break Down

Course Fee (Registration, Tuition, Texbooks, Tax)

Grammar & Conversation 100,000 JPY
JLPT Preparation 108,000 JPY
Business Japanese Communication 157,500 JPY

* Early registration is applied to registrations before May 31st, 2012.


Activity Packs A. Have It All! Pack 34,000 JPY
B. Variety Pack 15,500 JPY
C. Sightseeing Pack 11,900 JPY
D. Culture Pack 15,800 JPY
E. Gourmet Pack 9,400 JPY
F. Manga/Anime Pack 20,000 JPY
Individual Activity Programs 0 JPY <

Accommodation & Transportation

The price below is listed under the following conditions.

  • Stay Period:
    Sun. 29th, July - Sat. 18th, August
    (School is Mon. 30th, July - Fri. 17th, August.)
  • Accommodation Charge:
    - Includes electricity and gas charges, and arrangement fee by KAI.
    - At low probability, price is subject to change by each accommodation supplier. Feel free to inquire through our [ Contact Form ] if you wish to confirm the price.
  • Transportation Fare:
    Round trip fare between school and each accommodation for 15 school days (=3 weeks).
  • Other Remarks
    - Home Stay: Includes breakfast and dinner everyday during your stay.
    - Guest House: Minimum stay during summer is 1 month (=1 month charge).
    - Please refer to [ Accommodation ] to know more about accommodation types.
Home Stay To
Big Home Stay <60min 103,500 JPY <16,000 JPY <119,500 JPY
Home Stay <60min 150,000 JPY <18,000 JPY <168,000 JPY
60-90min 120,000 JPY <30,000 JPY <150,000 JPY
Single Room
Guest House 20min <140,000 JPY 3,900 JPY <143,900 JPY
<169,000 JPY 8,700 JPY <177,000 JPY
40min 104,000 JPY 8,700 JPY 112,700 JPY
Weekly Mansion 20min 98,000 JPY 3,900 JPY 101,900 JPY
Economy Hotel 15min 156,000 JPY 4,500 JPY 160,500 JPY
25min 159,600 JPY 0 JPY 159,600 JPY
110,000 JPY 4,500 JPY 114,500 JPY
Serviced Apartment 25min 196,000 JPY 0 JPY 196,000 JPY
Twin Room / Other
Serviced Apartment 25min 108,000 JPY 0 JPY 108,000 JPY
Hostel - Twin Room
(price per room)
50min 185,900 JPY 10,500 JPY 196,400 JPY
Hostel - Dorm Type
(price per person)
78,800 JPY 10,500 JPY 89,300 JPY


Food expenses in Tokyo for 3 weeks should be around 42,000 JPY.

  • Expenses breakdown
    1,800 to 2,500 JPY/day x 21 school days = 37,800 to 52,500 JPY
    - Breakfast: 500 - 700 JPY
    - Lunch: 600 - 800 JPY
    - Dinner: 700 - 1,000 JPY

  • Reference
150 JPY Milk Carton
170 - 250 JPY
Big Mac Meal
650 JPY Noodle Soup
500 - 1,000 JPY
Box Lunch 300 - 700 JPY Rice Ball 120 - 300 JPY


Arriving at the airport and moving towards the central area -
Buying souveniers and hanging around in Tokyo with your classmates -

The budget you'll need for these events is mostly up to what/how you want to spend your free time in Tokyo, but we think that 30,000 JPY will be enough in most cases.

  • Round trip fare from international airport to central Tokyo (Shinjuku area)
    * It is only 10 minutes from Shinjuku Station to our school. (School Location Map)
Between Airport
and Shinjuku, Tokyo
Method Fare
Narita Airport
(Narita Intl' Airport)
90 - 110min Train 3,000 - 6,000 JPY
85 - 145min Bus 6,000 JPY
Haneda Airport
(Tokyo Intl' Airport)
50 - 60min Train 1,300 JPY (approx.)
35 - 60min Bus 2,400 JPY

  • Sightseeing fees besides school activities. (Tickets and transportation fares)
  • Souvenir Expenses
  • etc

Summing Up

Now that you know what types of expenses to expect, let's sum them up!!

  • Example:
Tuition Grammar & Conversation Course 100,000 JPY
Activity B. Variety Pack 15,500 JPY
& Transportation
Weekly Mansion (Single Room) 101,900 JPY
Food 2,000 JPY/day x 21days 42,000 JPY
Other Round trip fare between airport and Tokyo, Sightseeing, Souvenirs, etc. 30,000 JPY
Total 289,400 JPY

  • The example above is the most popular among KAI students attending the summer program. This is only an example, but we hope this would help you plan your study at KAI.

  • If you have any questions or would like to talk to our staff,
    please don't hesitate to [ email or call us ].