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Manga/Anime Workshop for Beginners

Interested in Creating Manga/Anime? Grasp your chance this summer!

Manga and Anime, the subculture Japan is proud of and the world admires.

Many students who come to our Summer Course are often great fans of Manga/Anime too, and some even dream of becoming professional cartoonists and/or animators in the future. However, most people face difficulties how they can learn Manga/Anime in Japan, especially when they are still beginners of Japanese language.

What KAI offers you this summer is a program that perfectly matches that need. We have tied-up with "Nippon Engineering College", one of the largest colleges that holds a Manga/Anime course in Japan. You can directly learn from their teacher specialized in this field as well as have the opportunity to visit their campus, while learning Japanese language everyday at KAI.

Why don't you fill up your schedule with what you love this summer?


Manga Aug. 5 Character creation and parts (face, head, hand and foot)
Aug. 6 To create "names". (Draft of draft)
Aug. 7 To make a draft.
Aug. 8 To draw with a pen on the draft.
Aug. 9 To finish up with tones, etc.
Anime Aug. 12 Blinking and lip moving.
Aug. 13 Metamorphosis.
Aug. 14 Motion of a face.
Aug. 15 Walking.
Aug. 16 Running.
About Nippon Engineering College (NEEC)
NEEC is located in Tokyo. It has 7 colleges with 106 specialized fields such as media creation, music, technology, IT, and medical. It's one of the largest technology colleges in Japan. Our 2-week activity is held in cooperation with the "Manga/Anime Department" of NEEC.


Who Can Join?
Japanese Language Level Drawing Skills
If you are in either Level 3 or higher in "Grammar & Conversation Course", or if you understand basic English conversation, you are welcome to join! The teacher will speak in easy and slow Japanese and we'll provide an English interpreter. Unnecessary at all! This activity is designed to those who have never studied Manga/Anime before. What matters more is your passion for drawing. If you love drawing pictures, you can surely enjoy this activity!
Class Capacity
  • 10 persons, on a first-come-first-served basis.
Class Period
  • 2 Weeks (full program)
    - Mon. August 5, 2013 - Fri. August 16
    - 2 hours everyday from Mon. through Fri., 14:00 to 16:00.
    - Total of 10 days, 20 hours.
  • Optional
    You can also choose to attend either,
    - Only Manga Class: 5 days, during August 5 - 9
    - Only Anime Class: 5 days, during August 12 - 16
    - Manga or Anime, any 1 day of above.
Special Note
  • This activity will be held every afternoon between 14:00 and 16:00. Therefore, participants of this workshop will not be able to attend other activities planned at the same time frame.

Fee / Application Procedure

  • Full 10-day Manga + Anime lessons / 20,000 JPY
    5-day Manga lessons / 12,500 JPY
    5-day Anime lessons / 12,500 JPY
    1-day Manga or Anime lesson (any 1 day of above) / 2,500 JPY

  • What's included: Teaching materials and tax.
    Not included: Train fare upon campus visit. (ex. 580 JPY/round trip from KAI)

  • To apply, see "Enrollment Procedure" for detail.


  • Q. Can I participate without taking Grammar & Conversation Course?
    Yes, "JLPT Preparation Course" and "Japanese Business Communication Course" students can also participate.

  • Q. Do I need to bring special equipments?
    No. We will prepare everything you'll need for the class except pencils and notebook.

  • Q. What is the required Japanese level, "Level 3 of Grammar & Conversation Course" like?
    It's a level that the students reach after studying Japanese language for 3 to 5 hours everyday for 2 months in Japan. Please inquire the school for further information.

  • Q. Can I still apply for this class even though I don't plan to become a professional cartoonist or animator in the future?
    Yes, this activity is also aimed at people who want to keep Manga/Anime as their hobbies.