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Activity Program


We offer traditional and fun activities. Join and experience the most of Japan!


Sign up in advance with the attached activity application form (page 10). The deadline of the July activities is June 30, 2017 and August ones is July 28, 2017. However, it may be possible to accept the applications after these deadlines. Please consult with our staff. Please be aware that the dates above may be changed.

July Activities

Activities can be participated in the package "Enjoy July! Pack" only. JPY 46,000 for all 11 activities below.

July 10 - August 4, 2017
Application deadline
June 30, 2017
Date Activity
July 12 Tokyo tour with university students
July 14 Karaoke with university students
July 15 Tokyo Disneyland
July 17 Uchiwa & Origami making
July 19 Odaiba sight-seeing
July 21 "Kyaraben (Character Lunchbox)" making
July 24 Yukata dressing
July 26 Ninja experience
July 28 Temari (ball) sushi making
August 2 "Shodo, the traditional Japanese calligraphy"
August 4 KAI Summer Party

August Activities

August 7 - August 25, 2017
Application deadline
July 28, 2017

Activities can be participated individually or in packages.

Experience how to draw manga and anime!

We have tied-up with "Nippon Engineering College", one of the largest colleges that holds a Manga/Anime course in Japan. You can directly learn from their teacher specialized in this field. Don't you want to try drawing manga and anime yourself? (Download a sample PDF)

cats and girls

Date Activity
August 7 Manga
August 8 Tokyo tour with university students
August 9 Anime
August 10 Karaoke with university students
August 11 Sight-seeing in Akihabara area
August 13 Fuji-Q Highland or Sight-seeing in Mt. Fuji area
August 14 "Shodo, the traditional Japanese calligraphy"
August 15 Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum
August 16 Japanese sweets making
August 17 Ninja experience
August 18 Food in Manga
August 21 Tea ceremony
August 22 Sushi making
August 23 Flower Arrangement
August 24 "Zazen (Zen meditation) "
August 25 Farewell Party