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JLPT Preparation Course


Students from non-kanji countries can pass N1 & N2

The JLPT Preparation Course is designed for students who are preparing for the JLPT N1 or N2 exam that takes place twice a year in July and December. The course is especially developed for students from non-kanji countries.

  • The lesson covers all the subjects that JLPT consists of: "vocabulary", "grammar", "reading comprehension" and "listening comprehension".
  • Emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, which is a major component of the JLPT exam. Students are trained to efficiently extract the relevant information in given texts by fast reading and analysis.
  • Students are given tests at the beginning and end of the course in order to assess their achievement.
  • Each student will have an individual counseling with their teachers and receive advice on how to further improve and successfully pass the JLPT exam.

Voices from successful students

Here are some happy comments from students who successfully passed JLPT after taking our courses.

Gabriele GiraudoSearching a summer course in Japan focused on JLPT N2 preparation on the Internet, I found out that Kai School was organizing a summer course perfect for my needs and, so, I decided to enroll in it. It was really interesting and well organized, I enjoyed it very much. Moreover I was able to pass JLPT N2 in December 2013 with a good mark! I was really happy! I can say without any doubt that Kai School summer course was really helpful in achieving this great result.

Gabriele (Italy)

Today the result for the NOKEN test from last December came out. I am proud to inform you that I passed N2 level :) Thank you very much for your help, I couldn't have done it without assisting the N2 Preparation Course last summer. Please, do extend my thanks to my teachers there and all of the Staff.

Francisco (Spain)

Thank you for letting me take your summer N2 course. I took the test in Berlin on December 1 and I just got a result. Thanks to the preparation KAI gave me, I passed it! Thank you again.

Tobias (Germany)

Course Content and Level

JLPT Level N1

Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension

In the reading comprehension section, students will learn the pattern of the frequently asked questions and acquire the skills to solve questions logically in short time. More particularly, students will discuss with their classmates how they solved the questions and why they chose the answers. This gives everyone an opportunity to share with the class their reading strategy and how they can further improve.
For who? Suitable for those who have studied approximately 1000 kanji.

JLPT Level N2

Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension

In the reading comprehension section, students will learn reading techniques. In each lesson, students are given shorter reading exercises to build up reading skills. In the last week of the course, students will be challenging longer reading exercises.
For who? Suitable for those who have studied approximately 500 kanji.

  • Students should be at the level mentioned above in order to understand the study materials used in class.
  • All classes are given entirely in Japanese. Students will be given a telephone interview for a level-check in the application process.
  • A test is given at the end of the course to assess the achievement level. After the test, each student will have an individual counseling session with teachers.

Course Information

Period August 10 - August 28, 2020 (5 days a week for 3 weeks)
Time 9:00 - 12:50 (50-minute lessons x 4/day)
Class size Max. 12 persons (Min. 3 persons)
Register by Friday July 10, 2020



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