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Summer Courses

Summer Courses

A lot of students from all over the world attend KAI's summer courses every year. Actually, the students from 26 countries gathered here last year and had a lot of fun studying Japanese language as well as enjoying their summer in Tokyo! One of the great things about KAI's summer courses is the flexibility. You can choose the time period of the courses and activities to participate in, etc to suit your purpose and schedule. Why don't you enjoy the exciting Tokyo life with classmates from all over the world this summer at KAI?

First, let's choose the course!

We are very happy to offer you the popular Grammar & Conversation course in July again this year thanks to the huge demand and great feedback. In August, in addition, the Conversation Brushup Course and JLPT Preparation Course will open. We feel confident that you can efficiently learn Japanese language in a relaxed atmosphere since the maximum numbers of students each class are less than most of the other Japanese language schools.


Course Period
Grammar & Conversation July Jul. 6 to Jul. 31
Grammar & Conversation August Aug. 3 to Aug. 21
Grammar & Conversation Full Jul. 6 to Aug. 21
Conversation Brush Up Aug. 3 to Aug. 21
JLPT Preparation Aug. 3 to Aug. 21

Grammar & Conversation

Improve your Japanese conversation skills at KAI! You will learn phrases and sentences you can immediately use outside of the classroom.


Conversation Brush Up Course

This course is suitable for intermediate level students. The students learn to master the appropriate use of Japanese according to situations or the people they are speaking with. They will be using the 4 skills of languages (speaking, listening, reading and writing) well in balance.


JLPT Preparation Course

The JLPT Preparation Course at KAI is especially developed for students from countries where kanji, Chinese characters, is not used. Emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, which is a major component of the JLPT N1 and N2 levels.




See, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Tokyo!

KAI's various activities range from traditional to very up-to-date. In July, you can participate in all the activities with a fuss-free package. In August, you can participate in each activity individually. Please don't forget to apply for the activities too since the availability is limited.