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For those who are unable to come to Japan, KAI Japanese Language School offers the "Online Study Abroad" option, which allows you to take the general course online (by Zoom) from abroad. In addition to learning Japanese intensively from your home, you will also study in the same class as other students living in Japan, so you can simulate studying in Japan. Also, when you come to Japan, you can seamlessly continue your studies from the previous level of the online study abroad program.

What's different about KAI's online study abroad program

In 2015, KAI introduced the KAI DLS (Digital Learning System) using tablets (iPads) and original digital teaching materials to provide classes with a focus on active learning. Thanks to our five years of experience in implementing a variety of digital education methods, we have been able to provide the same high quality education in our online classes that we started due to the coronavirus, and this is what sets us apart from other schools by far. Student surveys have shown a high level of satisfaction with online learning classes.

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Advantages of online study abroad

  • You can study in the same curriculum as those studying in Japan without leaving your home.
  • You can simulate studying in Japan by studying in the same classes as our students studying in Japan.
  • The online study abroad program follows the same curriculum as the study in Japan, so you can seamlessly move back and forth between the online study and the study in Japan.
  • By doing part or all of your study abroad online, you can reduce the total cost of mastering the Japanese language.

For more information about the general course, please check this page.

Survey results

Our general course was fully online during the 2020 spring term. Here are some of the results of the survey conducted at the end of the term.

How would you rate this term's online classes?

How was it to send and receive homework assignments online?

How did you like the method of exams?

Other survey results can be found in the News section.


General Japanese course (one term)

Registration 30,000 yen 0 yen *1 *2
Tuition 220,000 yen/term
Materials and KAI⋮DLS 8,000 yen
Total 228,000 yen *3

  1. The regular fee is 30,000 yen, but it's free for campaign until the 2020 October term.
  2. It is also free for those who have enrolled KAI Japanese Language School before.
  3. To attend the general course, an iPad (iPad Air2 (2014) or later and the display size of 9.7" or larger) is required.