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Practical Conversation Course

Course Description

The Practical Conversation Course is a conversation course for learners from complete beginner to intermediate level (CEFR, A1 to lower B1). The emphasis of this course is on the immediate use of the language by developing communication skills in Japanese. The course has 5 levels. The curriculum is constructed with units of a week and students can complete the level by finishing 4 units.

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Benefits for students of Practical Conversation Course

A lot of optional services come with Practical Conversation Course as the benefits. Please experience each of them on this occasion.

"Free review class" (Optional.)
Prior to your lesson every day, a teacher supports your self-study based on the needs of each student at our study room for an hour. You can review the lessons, study kanji, do the homework and/or do your workbook. If you have any questions, ask the teacher anytime.

"Chatting salon" (Optional. 300 JPY each time.)
You can talk about any topics you want with a Japanese who're specialized in talking with foreigners. It's a very good opportunity to try your Japanese you have learned in the classroom.

"Free talk" (During the class)
On the last day of the course, some Japanese guests visit your class and have group conversations. It's a grand sum of your 4-week study. You can surely feel how much your Japanese have improved.

"Kanji Experience " (Optional. 1,000 JPY each time.)
KAI offers 7 optional kanji experience activities during the session. You can learn kanji appearing at stations, stores and signboards which you often encounter during your stay in Japan.

"Cultural Activity " (Optional. 1,000 or 1,500 JPY each time.)
You can experience Japanese culture such as origami, calligraphy, sushi roll making and tea ceremony.

Course Information

1 Lesson Lessons per week Class size Time
Course (2015)
50 minutes 15 Max 12 9:00 - 11:50
13:00 - 15:50
16:30 - 19:20
Course 15
15 9:00-11:50
Course 20
20 9:00-12:50

*The starting time of your class is confirmed 3 months before the start date.


Level 1 - Experience Tokyo -

This level is for complete beginners. In this level, students learn basic Japanese communication skills that can be used for sightseeing in Tokyo. They can use what they've learned that day immediately in town. They practice conversations for the situations such as fastfood restaurants, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Level 2 - Enjoying Tokyo Life -

In this level, students learn Japanese communication skills that will make their life in Tokyo more comfortable. They learn conversations to make the quality of life in Japan higher The topics include inviting friends for concerts and asking for explanations of dish, etc.

Level 3 - Expanding the places of communication -

In this level, students learn Japanese communication skills so that they can talk appropriatly depending on the situations and people to talk with. The situations include talking with Japanese friends and people they meet on a trip, etc.

Level 4 - Talking about my thoughts and feelings -

In this level, students learn to express their ideas, opinions or feelings about various topics of daily life. They also learn to broaden the conversation so that they can explain the situation and to make a proposal.

Level 5 - Having a better conversation -

In this level, students learn to build smooth personal relationships using Japanese. They practice to understand the feelings and situations hidden in the context of the conversation for deeper communication. And they learn the expressions to make the other person understand including their feelings and situations.


A variety of extracurricular tours and experience programs are offered throughout the entire school program. Those interested in such programs may contact the reception area. (Optional)

- Origami (1,000 JPY)
- Tea Ceremony (1,000 JPY)
- Calligraphy (1,000 JPY)

Please note that activity content may change depending on the seasons.

Cultural activities



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