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NBJ Business Japanese Program

Nisshinkyo Business Japanese (NBJ) Program

Acquire Language Ability and Skills to Work in Japan

This is a program to learn business Japanese, which is suited for those who study in the advanced levels of the General Japanese course and/or who have JLPT N2 or equivalent skills. This program meets the educational standards and criteria set forth by the Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program (Note 1).
The following subjects will be studied in level 7 and 8 homeroom and elective classes.


Subjects related to NBJ are as follows:

  • "Japanese for Job Hunting" (20 hours)
    You will study how to speak at employment interviews, choice of words, manners, etc. in order to get hired at the company you are aiming to work for.
  • "Japanese for Work" (40 hours)
    These lessons will teach how you should communicate with colleagues and bosses at work. Topics include how to respond to instructions given by your bosses, ask questions about things you don't understand, express your gratitude, make apologies, etc. You will learn the expressions for work which are different from daily conversation.
  • "Japanese Affairs" (20 hours)
    You will gain knowledge of Japanese affairs you should at least know when working in Japan with Japanese people.
  • "BJT (Business Japanese Test) Preparation" (80 hours)
    More than general Japanese, BJT measures Business Japanese skills necessary for working in Japan. The class is not just cramming for the exam, but teaches important expressions found in the test and offers the opportunity to practice communications in a business setting.
  • Note 1: The Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program guides foreign students to overcome the language and cultural barriers of Japan, to acquire enough communication skills to accomplish business tasks and to become capable workers in Japan and abroad. The NBJ Business Japanese Program at KAI Japanese Language School has been certified to meet the educational standards and criteria set forth by Nisshinkyo.
  • Note 2: To complete the NBJ program, you need to attend General Japanese course home classes as well as the subjects mentioned above.
  • Note 3: It is required to take BJT (Business Japanese Test) preparation classes in the April and October terms. Thus, it isn't possible to take JLPT preparation classes held in these terms.

Registration Procedures

To judge if you are eligible to take the NBJ program, you'll have a level check test and an interview before your enrollment. If you already have JLPT N2, you will only need to take an interview test.

Those students with enough conversational ability to enter level 7 of the General Japanese course:

You can complete the NBJ program by taking required subjects in level 7 and 8.

Those students without enough conversational ability to enter level 7 of the General Japanese course:

You can gain skill in the General Japanese course until level 7, and then complete the NBJ program in level 7 and 8.