Course curriculum and Level | KAI Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan

Course curriculum and Level


Beginner Level
(Beginner Level 1, 2)

Students will be taught basic grammar sentence patterns firmly, and Japanese assembling is understood thoroughly.

Intermediate Level
(Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Level 1, 2)

Variation of expressions is learned around communication skill learning after six months, thereafter which the power of application is acquired.
(More Social Topics / Grammar Strengthening / Vocabulary /Kanji 1000)

Advanced Level
(Pre-Advanced and Advanced Level 1, 2)

After one year, students will achieve advanced level of Japanese communication skills. Students will be able to speak and write with accuracy and logic. Achieving a level of sophistication in their communication will enhance their ability to speak with others comfortably and build their human relations network.
Students are encouraged to choose elective classes In order that they can learn Japanese general communication skills and contents efficiently.
( Expressions - Logical Expressions / Preparation for Special or Technical Fields / Kanji 2000 )

Elective Subject List (examples)

Japanese Live Coverage (Conversation and Listening)/ Japanese Circumstance ("the project X" NHK's TV PROGRAM/ Business Japanese / Short Sentence Clinic (grammar)/ Discussion "Chattering Space"/ Writing Essays / Technique to Obtain Information / Academic Japanese / Speech and Discussion / Preparation for Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 & 2 etc.