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General Course


In addition to the established detailed levels of eight steps, with a flexible curriculum that considers the diversity of students' needs and objectives and a training program that connects "words", "thoughts" and "feelings", the content is highly concentrated to bring strong results within a short period of time. This course is suitable for people who seriously want to learn.
Cross-cultural communications are promoted widely at KAI, as we have gathered in our student population young and career minded global citizens who represent more than 40 countries.

General Course 01

Indeed, Japanese is the common language of communication both in the classroom and out of class as well. This you will find unique at KAI as only Japanese Is spoken, as opposed to other schools where students from various countries congregate and usually speak English or their mother tongue out of class, therefore missing the opportunity to advance their Japanese proficiency.
There are 8 levels and you can obtain certification of each achievement level. (Attendance 80% and grade 70% or more required)
KAI also provides opportunities to practice Japanese learned in class in programs such as Free Talking, Leader's Talk, essay writing workshop, discussion workshop, and Open Class.

Course information

1 Term 10 weeks
Lesson Days 5 days a week (Mon. to Fri.)
1 Lesson 50 minutes
Lessons per week 20
Time Until 2016 Jan Term:
9:00-12:50 or 13:20-17:10
From 2016 Apr Term:
9:00-12:50 or 13:40-17:30
Class Size Max 16

Support Program

Even though a wonderful program has been established, if you are not stable mentally or if you have concerns that the program is not working for you, the school provides an orientation and system of learning support and advice which we outline below.


You may feel "Why Is such practice needed?" "I don't like this method."
These concerns or doubts may hinder your progress.
The orientation session given at the beginning of your term will introduce you to the support provided and explains the learning methods used at KAI. Support is offered throughout the program of study with our concerned and warm counselors, always ready to help.

ASK - Advisory Services @ Kai

(Advice = Sodan = Kyoryoku )
A counseling, education and referral service to help students manage personal, academic and professional responsibilities (e.g., housing, daily life issues, college/university, career planning, visa extensions, etc.).