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Business Japanese Course 200

By intensive 200-lesson semesters, acquire advanced global human resource value that's beneficial to get a job in Japan.

20120606BusinessCourse.pngNot only Japanese language skill but also Japanese culture understanding and business person basics are important to work actively at Japanese companies. KAI even adds the viewpoint of understanding home culture to raise the value as foreign human resource, and aspire to make it more advanced.

To brush up Japanese language skill until it can be professionally used in Japan.

We thoroughly train reading and listening skills to collect information necessary for business as well as writing and presentation skills to express what you have in mind

Internship program

There're opportunities of the internship programs where the students can have real experience which can't be provided in classrooms. This precious experience surely benefits when getting a job. (The internship opportunities are provided in BN Summer and BN Winter levels.)

Fulfilling support to help the students get a job.

Tying up with employment agencies specializing in foreign students, we offer the students the opportunities to attend fairs and seminars as well as to have individual counseling and to introduce job openings for free.

Possible to transfer from General Course

If you complete Level 6 or above of our General Course, you can transfer to Business Japanese Course.

Course Information

1 Term 10 weeks
Lesson Days 5 days a week (Mon. to Fri.)
1 Lesson 50 minutes
Lessons per week 20
Time 14:00-17:50 (50 min X 4 lessons)
Class Size Max 15 (Min: 5 students)
Class Start End
BN Winter Jan. 14, 2015 Mar. 25, 2015
BN Spring Apr. 6, 2015 Jun. 18, 2015
BN Summer Jun. 29, 2015 Sep. 30, 2015
  • The levels are JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
  • The Business Japanese Course is a 6-month (2-semester) course, however, it's possible to enter and leave in the middle of the course.

Course Content

General Japanese
(4 Skills)
Current affairs & industry related articles, watching movies & news, discussion, explaining & summarizing, short essays, text representation, translation, interpretation
Business Japanese Keigo brushup, business conversation expressions (greetings, small talks, telephoning/making appointments, apologizing), business mail, making internal documents, business terms, presentation
Japan Basics Society structure, history, culture, geography, political system, economic situation, manners/customs, etc
Response Capabilities
to Different Cultures
Communication strategy analysis, understanding different cultures
Businessperson Basics Maintaining discipline, attitude & ways of speaking, business manners, industry research, project plans
Career Planning Writing resume, interview practice, internship, understanding corporate culture
Extra Lessons, etc. Company tour, experiencing Japanese culture (tea ceremony, etc.), lecture by a guest lecturer, Japanese visitor session
  • Tuition: 200,000 JPY/Term (10 weeks) (Registration fee, textbook, internship arrangement fee are not included.)


  • N2 of JLPT is necessary in terms of Japanese level.
  • We may recommend another course based on the result of the level check test and interview.
  • Those who wish to get a job in Japan need to be 4-year university graduates.
  • It is even better if English is the intermediate level or above (e.g. TOEIC 500 or CEFR B1 or above). (We provide optional supplementary English lessons for those whose English level is behind for a fee on request.)


  • This course doesn't guarantee the students to get a job.
  • Tuition fee does not include the textbooks and internship arrangement fee. The textbook for a semester is approximately 10,000 JPY and the internship arrangement fee is 40,000 JPY.
Please contact us here if you would like to apply or ask questions.