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Business Japanese Course 200 July Class

BN2 class of Business Japanese Course 200 is starting this July.
KAI's Business course is to teach essential skills required as foreign human resources. We developed a program especially for those who are serious about acquiring Business Japanese language skill and getting a job in Japan. Why don't you gain excellent practical skills at KAI?

BN2: Project work practice to come to be able to behave likewise Japanese students at the internship program and execution

To acquire advanced global human resource ability by 3 training programs: Business Japanese Communication, execution ability, and culture understanding & special skill.

A Business Japanese Communication Training Program

The students practice the skills of information collecting and web search as well as business Japanese expressions incorporated with Japanese corporate culture understanding, all of which are essential to Business Japanese.

  • A1 Japanese language for information collecting
  • A2 Business Japanese Expressions Special Lecture

B Execution Ability Training Program

The applied skill that works in practice is necessary to demonstrate your real ability. For that purpose, the students' execution ability will be trained in two-step process by first experiencing projects at workshops and later having hands-on experience at internship.

  • B1 Execution Ability Training Workshop
  • B2 Internship

C Culture Understanding, Special Skill Training Lesson

Deeper understanding of the culture is essential for the proper language behavior. Combining theoretical learning and experience makes the students increase the depth of understanding. In addition, lectures by a professional regarding mind frame at interpretation in a company and the knowledge about the responsibility range and ethic, etc. will be offered.

  • C1 Different Culture Understanding Workshop
  • C2 Cultural Experience Program (Tea Ceremony)
  • C3 Interpretation Skill Introduction - Communication Support Work
Ms. Rika Yoshida
Spanish interpreter for conferences and court. Court interpretation researcher. Part-time instructor at Musashino University. Her research paper about court interpretation received the Tokugawa Munemasa award at the Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences conference in 2012.

Learning Support System

KAI has introduced an LMS (Learning Management System) where the students can submit their assignments such as presentations and papers as well as exchange opinions online. It can be used as their portfolio at graduation.


KAI conducts the thorough evaluation with the major evaluation items such as Japanese language level, Japanese culture understanding, business person basics, etc. Both the students and teachers conduct the evaluation. This enables to visualize the students' degree of global human resource value, makes them understand their ability balance and set their goals more easily.


  • My Japanese ability improved a lot through various lessons. And I found what's missing in me. I can visualize the Japanese society and work place too. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • I could think well not only from Japanese language's point of view but also global. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • It was more difficult than I thought, but it was good that I could learn a lot. It was good to learn what's necessary when I work here. (Korean in 20s)
  • I had a hard time in the middle, but my Japanese ability improved as I expected. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • Since I just graduated from a university, I wasn't confident if I could be a member of society. After taking these lessons, I could learn a lot about not only Japanese language but also Japanese business and culture. I think I can be very confident to face various challenges from now on. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • I could learn various things. Especially my keigo got much better. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • The content of the lessons is related with business and my future work. Since there were a lot of opportunities to practice as simulation of work, I sometimes felt like I was at the office. I learned a lot as the training before starting to work. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • I became very aware of what I didn't notice before. Especially, I think I became to be able to behave by setting up a business scene in mind and thinking about my position. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • I could get various knowledge such as keigo, different culture understanding, writing and listening, etc. It is very useful to learn this type of content to be a global human resource. The teachers are always very kind, serious and well prepared. Not only knowledge but also the way of thinking and people skills I learned were very useful. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)
  • I almost came to be able to speak keigo. Now I also know my further efforts are necessary. Moreover, I could understand different cultures, Japanese climate and Japanese annual events, etc. (Company trainee, Chinese in 20s)

The list of our Business Japanese Course 200 students who successfully got a job!

  • Spanish in 30s: Real estate agency in Japan
  • Hong Konger in 30s: Real estate agency in Japan
  • Netherlander in 20s: Consulting company in Japan