Basic Business Japanese Class 16 | KAI Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan

Basic Business Japanese Class 16

business japanese conversation starting from intermediate level

Learning casually for 16 hours a semester, you can acquire business basics.

  • It's a casual class you can study for an hour a lesson and twice a week.
  • A session contains 16 lessons, but it's possible to take half of them as well.
  • You can learn Japanese society's culture that's useful in the business scenes.
  • By learning the mind as a member of society, you can acquire business fundamentals.
  • This class isn't direct job hunting preparation.
  • This is also an optional class for General Course. Please hurry to enroll since the remaining seats are limited.

The required Japanese level is from lower intermediate.

Japanese Level JLPT Equivalent
General Course level
(KAI students)
Session A Lower Intermediate N4~N3 3, 4
Session B
Session C Upper Intermediate
N3~N2 5, 6
Session D

Able to choose lesson days and time

One Term is 8-week long and the lesson is twice a week from 17:30 to 18:30 (60 min / lesson). It's possible to take 8 times only.
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The class starts 4 times a year.

Basic Business Japanese class contains four sessions.

Term Dates Application deadline Session
2019 Winter Jan. 29 - Mar. 21 Jan. 22, 18:00 B, D
2019 Spring Apr. 16 - Jun. 13 Apr. 10, 18:00 A, C
2019 Summer Jul. 16 - Sep. 26 Jul. 9, 18:00 B, D
2019 Autumn Oct. 22 - Dec. 12 Oct. 16, 18:00 A, C
  • The lessons are planned to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, it may be changed. Please consult us for detail.
  • There will be no class during the summer vacation of General Course between Aug. 4 and Aug. 26.

Content-rich lessons in a short period of time

You will learn business e-mail, business manners and business terms in each session, however, the content of each is different. The lesson content besides above is as follows.

Session A Work Basics & Preparation for Employment 1
Conversation when visiting companies for job hunt 1, Figure basics 1, Making inquiries for job hunting, How to write resume
Session B Work Basics & Preparation for Employment 2
Conversation when visiting companies for job hunt 2, Figure basics 2, Interviews, Greetings at work, Asking unclear points
Session C Japanese at Work & Communication 1
Social conversation 1, Presentation 1, Quantitative expressions 1, Receiving instructions, Reporting to the superior
Session D Japanese at Work & Communication 2
Social conversation 2, Presentation 2, Quantitative expressions 2, Telephone manners, Conveying messages

Class Size

3 to 15 students


16 times 8 times
Non KAI students 18,000 JPY 9,600 JPY
KAI students 15,000 JPY 8,000 JPY
  • If you want to take 8 lessons only, please choose one from the choices below.
    • To take the first half lessons.
    • To take the last half lessons.
  • The textbook is included in the tuition fee above.
  • The tuition fee is usable for the reserved session only. It is unable to reuse the unattended lesson fees for the future ones.
  • The tuition is not refundable after the class starts.