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Speech Contest 2018

2017 Speech Contest Winner

The 33rd Kai Speech Contest was held at Yoyogi Olympic Center in late May, 2018. The theme of the speech is "KAI" as usual. 20 students from 12 countries chosen from each class made speeches. This year, 13 kinds of "Kai" such as "border (界)", "to break (壊)", "ocean (海)", "to intermediate (介)", "to stumble (邂)", "strange (怪)", "round (回)", "ocean (海)", "society (会)", "to open(開)", "exemplar (楷)", "floor (階)", and "precursor (魁)" were chosen. Some kanji which are unfamiliar with even Japanese and aren't usually chosen were included this year and they put their messages into more various "KAI".

June 15, 2018
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF) as well.

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