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Speech Contest 2017

2017 Speech Contest Winner

The 32nd Speech Contest this year was held at the Media Hall of the Japan Electronics College near Okubo Station. Despite being the end of March, it was a cold, sleety day right from the start. However, the venue was full of the enthusiasm of the performers and cheering students, making us forget the cold outside. As usual students from the entire school faced the challenge of composing a speech with the "Kai" theme, and 18 students from 11 different countries were selected, one from each class. The "Kai" that students chose this year were the following eight characters: demolition (壊), world (界), opening (開), society (会), reformation (改), round (回), sea (海) and encounter (邂).

May 2017
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF as well.

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