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Speech Contest 2016

2016 Speech Contest Winner

The 31st Kai's Speech Contest was held at Yoyogi Olympic Center on March 9, 2016.
The speeches that 17 people from 12 different countries constructed based on the theme "Kai" were all very interesting and impressive. This year, 14 kinds of "Kai" such as "to meet (会)", "to understand (解)", "to neglect (懈)", "strange (怪)", "everyone (皆)", "to regret (悔)", "shell (貝)", "to stumble (邂)", "together (偕)", "to open(開)" and "kai as an area name (甲斐)" were chosen. We were surprised that elementary students chose difficult kanji like "to neglect", "to stumble" and "together".

March 2016
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF as well.

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