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Speech Contest 2015

2015 Speech Contest Winner

Kai's Speech Contest celebrated this year its 30th edition. Every year Speech Contest are blessed with nice weather, and also this year the event has been held at Yoyogi Olympic Center in a cheerful feeling of Spring.
18 people from 9 different countries have been selected from each class. The subject assigned to them was "Kai", as usual. The custom requires them to choose a Japanese ideogram which can be read "Kai" and to put their thoughts related to this into words. This year we enjoyed 13 different concepts: mystery, regret, meeting, together, demolition, boundary, comfort, reformation, comprehension, paddle, world, see, occurrence. Participants filled the chosen "Kai" with their thinking and expressed those to the audience with excellent performances.

March 2015
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF) as well.

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