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Speech contest 2014

2014 Speech Contest Winner

This year's KAI's speech contest was held at the small hall of Olympic Center as always on a warm day of March 12, 2014. We welcomed a rakugo storyteller, Ryutei Saryu shisho, Ms. Naomi Kudo from Originator Co., Ltd. and Mr. Takeshi Omata from Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd as judges and they listened to speeches of 16 contestants. 16 students from 11 countries made speech with the theme of "KAI" this year again. This year's KAI are 10 kinds of "界", "海", "会", "開", "介", "櫂", "懐", "怪", "邂", "解". Various "KAI' got together there.

March 2014
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF) as well.

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