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Speech contest 2013

2013 Speech Contest

This year's KAI's speech contest was held at the small hall of Olympic Center as always on March 8, 2013. Thanks to the warmer weather compared to usual, the students got together in spacious Yoyogi feeling like having a picnic. On the other hand, the speakers wandered back and forth looking nervous but excited. And the starting time arrived.
14 students from 8 countries made speech with the theme of "KAI" this year again. This year's KAI are 10 kinds of "会", "改", "魁", "解", "灰", "回", "懐", "界", "貝", "悔". We usually have 7 or 8 kinds of "KAI" but this year, 4 students chose "界" and 2 students chose "会", but the others chose different KAIs and I felt uniqueness.

March 2013
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


You can watch the speech video on YouTube by clicking the names of the speakers. Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF) as well.

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