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Speech contest 2012


This year's KAI's speech contest was held at the small hall of Olympic Center as always on March 9, 2012. The last year's speech contest was just before the Great East Japan Earthquake, so this is the first one after that. During this whole year, we had a nuclear power plant accidents following the earthquake and followed by the super high yen. Everyone was very worried about the education in Japan. This year's speakers are the one who came to Japan to study despite this tough time, so the content of the speeches was very impressive.
14 students selected from each class made speech there. This time's KAI includes 8 kinds: "悔", "改", "会", "快", "回", "解", "界" and "戒". Based on their own experiences, each one created a unique "KAI." I noticed the tendency that a lot of speeches are not only about Japanese culture and how difficult or interesting Japanese language is but also about their future plans such as what they want to do and what they found during studying in Japan and how they are going to utilize it.
Now I'm already very excited about what kind of year 2013 is going to be and what kind of speeches I can listen to.

March 2012
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


You can watch the speech video on YouTube by clicking the names of the speakers. Please read the speech contest booklet (PDF) as well.

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