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Speech contest 2011

This year’s KAI’s speech contest was held at the small hall of Olympic Center as always on March 4, 2011. 16 students selected from each class made speech there.
This time’s KAI includes 10 kinds: “皆”, “改”, “会”, “快”, “貝”, “階”, “櫂”, “界”, “解” and “怪”. The most popular theme was “会”, which was the same as last year’s. The next was “快” which 3 students chose followed by “解” 2 students did. And the others were picked one by one.
The KAI the first place winner, Annekatrin, chose was “解”. She picked a misunderstanding incident caused by “Not being able to read the atmosphere” after she arrived in Japan. She was highly evaluated for her compactly well-organized speech and dignified presentation. I’m already looking forward to listen to next year’s speeches.

March 2011
KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto


20110304_6.jpg  ☆☆☆ First Place Winner ☆☆☆
「解」: From misunderstanding to understanding
 Annekatrin Nagel (Germany: Advanced 1)
20110304_12.jpg  ☆☆ Second Place Winner ☆☆
「解」: To fight against prejudice until you understand the others’ situations
 Amadeus Landin (Sweden: Pre-Advanced)
20110304_1.jpg   Third Place Winner
「皆」: Minna no Nihongo
  Jonathan Hedtjärn (Sweden: Advanced 2)
20110304_4.jpg 「快」:”Kaishin” = Agepoyo
 Matilda Ingman (Sweden: Intermediate)
 <Jury's Special Award>
20110304_5.jpg 「貝」: The world of shells
 Livia Wyler (Switzerland: Beginner 2)
 <Jury's Special Award>
20110304_7.jpg 「階」: Stairway to dream
 Anica Pavlovic (Sweden: Pre-Intermediate)
 <Jury's Special Award>
20110304_11.jpg 「貝」: Inside firm shells
 Amelia Shibata (Indonesia: Pre-Intermediate)
 <Jury's Special Award>
20110304_9.jpg 「櫂」: Japanese family is my paddle
 Kaja Marie (Norway: Beginner 1)
 <Jury's Special Award>
20110304_2.jpg 「改」: To alter. Though I said “ne”…
 Sofia Malm (Sweden: Pre-Intermediate)
20110304_3.jpg 「会」: No more chance
 Lucylia Niwa (Indonesia: Intermediate 2)
20110304_10.jpg 「界」: To go beyond the limit
 Kim Hultgen (Sweden: Intermediate 1)
20110304_14.jpg 「会」: I want to meet new friends
 Henrik Schedin (Sweden: Beginner 1)
20110304_15.jpg 「怪」: Life’s “mystery” 
 Ekhi Galdos (Basque: Beginner 2)
20110304_16.jpg 「会」: To meet the new environment
 Lino Adler (Germany: Beginner 2)
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