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Set Your Vision, and Start Preparing

June 11th, 2012
Davide Rossi (from Italy)
Go Go World


Davide-san majored in computer science at University of Rome. He worked in London for a while after graduation, then moved to Japan as a foreign student to learn Japanese language in school. After studying at a language school, in 2009 he found a job to teach Italian for two years. That was when he created a service to invite foreign students to Japan to learn the language, called "Go Go World" (, and he's been the president ever since.

Set Your Vision, and Start Preparing

Topics of the lecture were "How to work in Japan" and "How to start a business in Japan", that seemed to interest many of the students. As Davide-san had once been a foreign student himself like KAI students, his stories were convincing as well.

"Set your visions for the future, and find out what you can do, and what preparations you need to reach your vision". Formerly a foreign student, and now having succeeded in starting up his own business, some students came up with questions such as "How to find a teaching job in Japan" or "How do I start up my own business".

More and more companies in Japan are hiring non-Japanese employees now, and probably even more in the future. We hope that experience of coming to Japan and studying at KAI will expand the potential of every student in our school.

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