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Shifting Values of Foreign Students

September 12, 2012
Shigeyoshi Kanda (神田 滋宜)
CEO of GL Navigation Co.,Ltd.


Graduated from Gakushuin University, and entered Recruit HR Marketing Inc. on 2006. Entered Recruit Co.,Ltd. on 2008. Established GL Navigation Co.,Ltd. on 2009. (

Expanding the Potentials of Foreign Students

"Why do we work? Do we work just to earn money?

These were the thoughts Kanda-san had during his days in college. When he started to work for a major human resources service company after graduating college, he noticed that regardless of individuals or organizations, our evaluation is mostly based on superficial aspects - such as nationality, age, or gender. Taking foreigners for example, they were not given chance equally to Japanese just because they were foreigners. That's what had inspired Kanda-san to challenge, and expand the possibilities of foreign students in Japan.

"Judging or evaluating others by its surface is a biased way of viewing. To get rid of these, first we need to change the way we look at them." Kanda-san established GL Navigation for that reason, supporting internships for foreign students and Japanese students with study abroad experience, holding interview preparation and study meeting events. Every activity is aimed to support foreign students. "Borderless - For All Possibilities" is what's printed on the back of his business card.

Besides his job, Kanda-san participates in a project "Spread the Japanese Music". If you ever see a nameless rock band suddenly become a news in other countries, Kanda-san could be behind it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kanda-san being in the age group as KAI's students, many seemed to be deeply interested in his story. One student who plans to start his own business asked the prospect of global economy, and another asked about finding a job in Japan.

We plan to have Kanda-san as one of our lecturers, and a supporter of the internship program in the "Business Japanese Course 200" starting 2012 October. Thank you Kanda-san, and let's make Japan a better place for foreign students to find jobs.

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