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What is Essential and Important When Working in Japan

February 24, 2012
Nurettin Albay (from Turkey)
Senior Manager of HR Division, Coach Japan


Graduated from KAI Japanese Language School in 2000, completed area studies and international economics at University of Tokyo as a research student in 2002. After working for a few staffing agencies, Mr. Albay entered Coach Japan (http://japan.coach.com) in 2006. His mission is to create and execute strategies related to human resources to in-house divisions as a business partner.

What is Essential and Important When Working in Japan

We invited Nurettin Albay-san, our graduate of 11 years ago, as a speaker of this semester's Leaders Talk, an exclusive class for our advanced students.

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Nurettin-san is currently working for HR division of Coach Japan, a world-famous apparel brand. He told us what he did there as well as why and how he'd chosen that job.

From his long experience of working in the human resources industry, he also told us the fact that many Japanese companies were now expanding their business to overseas and therefore recruitment of foreign students had become more inevitable than ever. In addition, he talked about how Japanese companies were different from those in other countries.

Nurettin-san is a dedicated person who spends long hours in his private time studying to acquire new qualifications and taking part in social organizations, so it was surprising to hear that he wished he had studied harder while he was at KAI Japanese Language School. He said, if he knew that he would be working in Japan and using Japanese in business, he would have studied more, especially Kanji and Keigo.

Many students in our school hope to work for Japanese companies, or foreign companies in Japan after graduation. The reason Nurettin-san asked every student in the classroom to introduce and describe their goals in 5 years at the beginning of the class was to tell us that finding a goal and studying for it was the important motive for everyone. Thank you, Nurettin-san.

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