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Empowering the Society Through Foreign Students

December 9, 2011
Fumio Takano(高野 文生)
Marketing Director, Daigo Corporation


After graduating from International Christian University (ICU) in Japan, Mr. Takano worked at Post Office, Tokyo Keizai University, and established an NPO aiming to support foreign students. Currently he is a marketing director at Daigo Corporation (http://www.dai-go.co.jp), famous for its monthly magazine "Gekkan Ryugakusei".

Opening Up Japanese Universities To The World

There are many famous universities in Japan, but they are not equally famous in the world.

As Japan is having an aging population combined with the diminishing number of children, universities in Japan are now desperate to acquire foreign students to fill vacancies of their capacities.

However, it is not easy for organizations which only had to cope with Japanese students for decades to change their style.

* * * * *

While the Japanese society is going through such a big change, Takano-san's job is to advise and consult with universities on this topic.

"Accepting foreign students" was the theme of today's Leaders Talk. Describing the current situation of universities in Japan, what tasks need to be solved to achieve a more global student profile, and a sense of accomplishment and potential of business Takano-san feels through this job. He talked about not only the topics above but also told that accepting foreign students may be one of the answers to solve Japan's labor shortage in the future.

At the end of speech, Takano-san asked the students to tell their own ideas to achieve this goal.
"Acquiring Japanese student visas should be a lot easier and sooner".
"It is bothersome that it's often we get scholarship monthly while it's necessary to pay the tuition in one payment".

Success of Takano-san's job will make universities and schools in Japan better as well as improve the society. Students seemed to be very interested in the topic as it was related closely to themselves.

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