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If You Try, Chances Will Come

September 16, 2011
Fatih Ozeri, Photographer (from Turkey)


December 2004
Started life in Japan

January 2005
KAI Japanese Language School
General Course Level 2 - 6

April 2007 - March 2011
Tokyo Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts

April 2011 - September 2011
Roppongi Studio

Currently applying for a research student of Tokyo Polytechnic University

Try Everything You Can For Your Goal

What dreams do you have for your future?
And will they come true?

We all have hopes and dreams, but sometimes we give up before even trying. 6 years ago, after Fatih-san studied at KAI Japanese Language School, he went to a university in Tokyo to study photography, and then worked in a photography industry.

In the speech, Fatih-san introduced his activities as a photographer, his student life at KAI and his university, and his experience in job hunting as a foreigner in Tokyo.

"Take advantage of being a foreigner."

These are the words that probably best describe the philosophy of Fatih-san's career. Finding a job, and working as a foreigner in Tokyo has always been a challenging experience, but at some point, Fatih-san mentioned that he became capable of turning the fact of his being a foreigner into a unique characteristic that would help him.

Fatih-san currently plans to return to university as a research student.
KAI Japanese Language School has, and always will wish for his success.

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