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New Year Card Contest 2011

Some of the students studying at KAI Japanese Language School are also skilled designers! To utilize this hidden talent, we hold a new year card design competition every year, and use the winner's design as our school's new year card.
Three students applied this year, and Eduardo won the competition! Congratulations, Eduardo!

New Year Card Contest 2010

Eduardo Soto

Eduardo Soto is currently studying Japanese at Kai School because he wants to enroll in the Tokyo Animation College next year to start the Digital Animation Course to become a 3DCG Designer in Japan. He studied Architecture for 2 years in his home country Costa Rica where he learned the different process of design however he wanted to be part of a more creative field related to Animated Films.
He likes Anime and Video Games and everything related to Japanese culture, he thinks being in Japan is the perfect place to develop as a digital artist. It’s a very exiting and challenging goal.

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Natasha is a graphic designer, photographer and web designer currently living in Tokyo, Japan. She has previous experience working both as a freelance photographer and for various photo studios. The past three years before moving to Japan she worked for a graphic design agency in Norway.
With a strong interest in and love of Japan, she decided to follow her dream and relocate to Tokyo at the beginning of 2010, and is currently studying Japanese at Kai Japanese Language School. She hopes to combine her design and photography skills with her interest for Japan in her future work.

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Linnea Hedlund

My name is Linnea Hedlund. I’m an educated 3D/Graphic  Artist from Sweden. I attended Playground Squad Game Education School in Falun, Sweden between 2006-2008. Through Playground Squad I did my internship at SouthEnd Interactive Malmö, Sweden. There I was a part in the team that created R-Type Dimensions for Xbox live arcade. Publisher/Co-Publisher: Tozai / Microsoft
After graduation I worked in various places for two years. Until I decided to study Japanese since it’s always been one of my dreams to work at one of Japan’s bigger game companies. Now I’m a student at KAI Japanese Language School and enjoying life in Tokyo!

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