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2010 New Year card

Design Space KAI presents talented designers studying Japanese at KAI.
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Nick Edmonds

Nick_Edmonds_KAI_logo.jpgNick Edmonds is a graphic designer currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He was educated at the London School of Communication in London, England where upon graduating lived and worked for a number of years. In 1999 he moved to Australia and worked for various Sydney based agencies for 4 years. During his time in Sydney he worked at Australia’s biggest advertising agency and was part of a team involved in branding the 2000 Sydney Olympic games. 

Having already studied some Japanese and driven by a strong interest in Japanese design and culture he left England again in 2008 and moved to Japan. Keen to work as a graphic designer in stimulating Tokyo he is continuing to study Japanese at Kai Japanese Language School with the goal of attaining a good enough level to enable him to work in a competitive, Japanese speaking, design environment.


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Christoffer Harborg

Christoffer_Harborg_2010_KAI_logo.jpgAfter 10 years of working within the graphic- and product design business in Sweden, Australia and Spain, I am now trying my luck in Japan. At the moment I am studying japanese at Kai Japanese Language School. I wish learning japanese was as easy as coming up with a great creative solution for a client. My creative experience so far would be working for BBB Creative Studio (Barcelona, Spain) with clients such as Spanair, Renault, Peugeot, Majadahonda, PP etc. As a freelance designer I have worked with clients such as Moderaterna, Village Clothing, Christian Fletcher, Clip-it reklam, Kai Japanese Language School and Waseda University. My specialities are in graphic- and product design, illustrations and concept design. I am more than happy to take on new challanges… nothing is impossible!Christoffer_Harborg_2009_KAI_logo.jpg


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2010 [ KAI logo version / Logo-free version ]
2009 [ KAI logo version / Logo-free version ]

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