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New Year Card Contest 2020

2020 New Year Card Contest

Our annual event at the end of the year, new year card contest! KAI students always surprise us by their wonderful talent! And the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year three students applied. And Heather won! Congratulations, Heather!

  • The copy right of the new year card designs belongs to the students themselves who created them.

Steckler, Heather

My new year's card design uses a simple red and blue color scheme to depict New Year's Greetings and symbolic objects. Japanese design often uses "inkan" (stamps) and traditional wave patterns, so I decided to use these in my design. Because 2020 is the year of the rat, I added 2 friendly rants to the design. But don't worry, they are here to bring good luck, not to eat the mochi. This mochi is "kagami mochi", which is a special New Year's mochi eaten and displayed in homes at this time of year. In my design too, I wanted to display this unique food and symbol!

2020 New Year Card Contest Steckler Heather


Takahashi, Elenor

I used Hiragana to express the Japanese of my card. Behind the mouse is a kadomatsu, traditional for Japanese new year.

2020 New Year Card Contest Takahashi Elenor


Yarad, Irina Emilse

The true meaning of New Year is gathering the family together.

2020 New Year Card Contest Flyer Irina Yarad


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