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New Year Card Contest 2018

2018 New Year Card Contest

Our annual event at the end of the year, new year card contest! KAI students always surprise us by their wonderful talent! And the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year two students applied. And Magda won! Congratulations, Magda!

  • The copy right of the new year card designs belongs to the students themselves who created them.


To design this card I had in mind few concepts: the zodiac sign (dog for this coming year -a very very Japanese Shiba-), the winter decoration flowers and the bamboo (KAI's logo and one of the Kadomatsu components). The year is getting ready to come! A dog preparing a Kadomatsu seemed a happy idea to me. The handmade style was just for fun as last designs had a really clean art. Thank you for your support!

2018_newyearcard_Magda.jpg   2018_newyearcard_Magda_no_logo.jpg

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Yu, Yin Feng

Since next year is the year of the dog. I chose the Shiba Inu to represent it. The Shiba Inu has the spirit of Japan. I used soft colors to show the wish that the next year will be a peaceful one.

2018_newyearcard_Yu.jpg   2018_newyearcard_Yu_no_logo.jpg

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