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New Year Card Contest 2016

2016 New Year Card Contest

Our annual event at the end of the year, new year card contest! KAI students always surprise us by their wonderful talent! And the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year seven students applied. It was the most applicants in KAI's history. And Bryan won! Congratulations, Bryan!

  • The copy right of the new year card designs belongs to the students themselves who created them.

Bryan Takano

First of all I would like to say what an honor it was for my contest submission to be chosen as Kai Japanese School's 2016 New Years Greeting Card. When brainstorming the design of the card I made sure to keep in mind the contest conditions, as well as the fact that the end result would be the size of a normal postcard. As I was born in the year of the monkey myself, I was excited to be able to portray through my drawings what I thought a monkeys' most distinct characteristics were. The hardest part for me in design process was how to relate the theme back to Kai. In the end I decided to use green as the center piece so that it could be related to the Kai logo. However, I also felt that the card needed to be directly associated with learning Japanese, so I added the copy: "This year at Kai let's listen to, speak, and see Japanese." I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity, please enjoy this year's New Year's card.

2016_newyearcard_BryanTakano.jpg   2016_newyearcard_BryanTakano_no_logo.jpg

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Ivo Aboites

2016_newyearcard_IvoAboites_4A.jpg   2016_newyearcard_IvoAboites_4A_no_logo.jpg

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Hui Chow Shau

2016 is the year of monkey. The ideal of this illustration was inspired from the Three Wise Monkeys at Nikko Tōshō-gū (日光東照宮の三猿). The original meaning was 'see no evil', 'hear no evil', 'say no evil'. However, it have a totally different meaning from this illustration.
In the learning journey we should always be curious. Japan have full of interesting history and culture. In order to understand Japanese we shall see more, listen more, ask more.

2016_newyearcard_HuiChowShau_1M.jpg   2016_newyearcard_HuiChowShau_1M_no_logo.jpg

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Orlanda Fuentes

2016_newyearcard_OrlandaFuentes_1A-1.jpg   2016_newyearcard_OrlandaFuentes_1A-1_no_logo.jpg

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Xin Liu

It's been for almost 2 months since I started studying Japanese at KAI. I alway feel spring because of the teachers' kind instruction and friendship with my classmates. So I made the image of green, cherry blossoms and rainbow. The reason I wrote hello in a lot of languages is the students from a lot of countries gather and learn Japanese happily at KAI. This term, we started KAI DLS. With this very convenient tool, the learning efficiency improved.
Let's enjoy studying Japanese together at KAI from now on too!

2016_newyearcard_XinLiu_7M.jpg   2016_newyearcard_XinLiu_7M_no_logo.jpg

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Jiwoong Yeo

I just wanted to do something. I wanted to know how other people properly understand what I made and how they accept it. Besides the result, I am happy that I could choose if I do or don't, not if I can or can't.
These days, I somehow feel my motivation has been declining and I may have thought I wanted to feel refreshed by making a new year card. Preparation process with Bryan was a good lesson for me and I don't want to forget this experience. Thank you very much.

2016_newyearcard_JiwoongYeo_7M.jpg   2016_newyearcard_JiwoongYeo_7M_no_logo.jpg

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