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New Year Card Contest 2015


Our annual event at the end of the year, new year card contest! KAI students always surprise us by their wonderful talent! And the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year three students applied and Andrea won! Congratulations, Andrea!

  • The copy right of the new year card designs belongs to the students themselves who created them.

Andrea Gobbato

Thanks everyone for allowing me to participate in this contest. I'd like to give a little explanation about the postcard I made. In the background you can see Minowabashi Station, on Arakawa Line. Let's think of our life as a train; from the starting point until the goal, we will face several events which make our experience growing up. I'd like to think of these events as stations in our life. Next station will be 2015. It'll be just no more than a normal step in our life, still not the last one though. Just like the character, we too are on our own journey, with a long road ahead of us. Let's expect a lot of new adventures for us in this 2015 and in the future.
Ps: I'd like to say a huge thanks to Shaoshun for modeling and Silvia for lending us luggages for the shooting. If you ask what recall Kai Language School in my mind, I cannot imagine anything better than classmates and schoolmates who share everyday student life with me.

2015newyearcard_andrea_with_logo.jpg   2015newyearcard_andrea_no_logo.jpg

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Jiang, Jiin

Nice to meet you! My name is JJ and I am from Shanghai, China. I came to Japan in Sept and am studying in Kai Japanese School for on job language training. I am interested in IT (which is my job) and also designing. When drawing something, I feel myself like a Real Jyu!
In near future, I hope I can get the driving license and drive through the countryside of Japan!

2015newyearcard_jiang_with_logo.jpg   2015newyearcard_jiang_no_logo.jpg

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Chao, Wenhsin

Hi! My name is Vincy from 1A-2. I came from Taipei, Taiwan. I started learning Japanese from this Oct. and I will continue study in KAI for one more year! I am glad to join this big family and meet with lots of new friends from diffrent nationalities. Thank you for all the teacher classmates staff in KAI. I believe 2015 will be a wonderful year again!
Oh! By the Way If you would like to dowmload my new year card It will be my pleasure 2015 Happy New Year!!

2015newyearcard_vincy_with_logo-thumbnail.jpg   2015newyearcard_vincy_no_logo-thumbnail.jpg

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