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New Year Card Contest 2013


Our annual event at the end of the year, new year card contest! KAI students always surprise us by their wonderful talent! And the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year these three students below applied and, even though it was a tough competition, Lena won! Congratulations, Lena!

  • The copy right of the new year card designs belongs to the students themselves who created them.


My name is Lena Karlsson, born and raised among forests and fields in Sweden. I came to Tokyo about a year ago in hope of experience something totally new, get inspired and of course learn Japanese. My design background lays in apparel and graphic print design. I've been working for a few different brands in Sweden, as well as London the last years. My plan is now to start my own brand, which will be focusing on the graphic design and illustration, and get not only big in Japan, but world wide. Aim for the stars..

Lena  Lena
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Lena's work


My name is Begoña. Nice to meet you! In April this year, I came to Tokyo from Spain. In Spain, I was an archaeologist but I always love to draw. So, I wanted to participate in KAI's New Year card design contest. I hope you like it!

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My name is Kittaya Intarathip. I recently moved to Japan from Thailand last year. After graduated in the university in Bangkok, I worked as an in-house graphic designer for the software company for 2 years and decided to come to Japan to study Japanese at Kai Japanese language school. I currently am working as a freelance graphic designer while studying Japanese in the same time. I really enjoy staying in Japan, meeting nice people, having lots of delicious food.

Kittaya  Kittaya
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