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New Year Card Contest 2012

Our annual new year card contest! The designers studying at KAI show their wonderful talent and the winner's design is adopted as KAI's new year card. This year, four students below applied and Linnea won! Congratulations, Linnea!

Linnea Hedlund

My name is Linnea Hedlund. I’m an educated 3D/Graphic Artist from Sweden. I attended Playground Squad Game Education School in Falun, Sweden between 2006-2008. Through Playground Squad I did my internship at SouthEnd Interactive Malmö, Sweden. There I was a part in the team that created R-Type Dimensions for Xbox live arcade. Publisher/Co-Publisher: Tozai / Microsoft
After graduation I worked in various places for two years. Until I decided to study Japanese since it’s always been one of my dreams to work at one of Japan’s bigger game companies. Now I’m a student at KAI Japanese Language School and enjoying life in Tokyo!

20111214Linnea_Hedlund_KAI_logo_outline.jpg  20111214Linnea_Hedlund_KAI_logo_free_outline.jpg
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Mattias Eriksson

Mattias Eriksson is a 3D graphic artist currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He was educated at GSCEPT School of Computer Graphics Lulea, Sweden. After graduating, he moved to Japan to study Japanese. In Sweden, he experienced a number of different jobs in design, programming, magazine producing and etc.
He is interested in 3D arts and special effects in games and movies, especially the Japanese video games, which has a good graphics artist development. He is studying right now at Kai Language School with the goal of attaining a good enough level of Japanese language, which will enable him to work in a Japanese video game environment.

20111214Mattias_2012_logo.jpg  20111214Mattias_2012_no_logo_outline.jpg
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Patrecia Widjaja

Patrecia Widjaja studied Multimedia Design in Melbourne, Australia for 4 years and just recently graduated. She is now living in Tokyo, Japan. She has interest in 3D animation, photography, character design, and illustration. In her last year of study as multimedia designer, she was involved in a big RPG game project, which is made to raise awareness about Asperger’s syndrome. One of her big dream is to work as a 3D animator in Japan, so she decided to go to Japan right after she graduated from university, in order to improve her Japanese, as well as looking to find a job in Tokyo.

20111214Patrecia_withlogo-1.jpg  20111214Patrecia_withoutlogo-1.jpg
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Luis Garrido Aranda

20111214Luis_Kai_copia.jpg  20111214Luis_no_logo_outline.jpg
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