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Fuurin Workshop

Saturday, 27th November 2010

Seven students joined our Fuurin (wind-chime) workshop on Saturday 27th November. Each participant made a unique, original fuurin from scratch. The first step was to blow the glass to make the shade. Everyone succeeded in making a beautiful round shape.
The next step was to paint on the inside of the small, round shaped glass shade. It is a fun part, but also the most difficult part. We could hear the students sigh as they moved their small brushes to paint very detailed patterns. One student took more than 1 hour to paint his favorite kanji, while another painted an angel, and another, sakura. In the end of the workshop, we had seven smiley faces holding seven beautiful fuurin, all different and unique!

20101127 Furin workshop 1

20101127 Furin workshop 2

20101127 Furin workshop 3

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