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Kabuki Workshop @ National Theatre

July 12th, 2009

On July 12th, 20 students from KAI went to participate in a Kabuki Workshop at National Theatre. 2 students had the opportunity to go up on the stage to actually experience kabuki. Here are reports by the 2 students, Sebastian and Emanuele.

"On the Kabuki-Stage" - Sebastian

Before going up on stage, I wondered if my Japanese would be good enough, and since we didn't know what we were supposed to do on stage, I felt stage fright. However, after all, I now understand - there was no need to be worried.
On stage, first we had to introduce ourselves briefly. Then we were instructed about what we would have to do and how to do it. Since it was not only told, but also shown to us, it was not that difficult. Even without speaking Japanese well, by watching the instructions it was easy to understand.
After swinging a rod-like thing, it was kabuki-cosplay time - wearing kabuki-style clothes and posing. The actor was friendly and actually very funny, and any feelings of stage-fright dissolved quickly.
In the end, being on stage was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm really glad I had this chance, which probably only comes once in lifetime. Thank you for this great opportunity!

Kabuki Workshop 2009 1

Kabuki Workshop 2009 2

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