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Japanese Sweets Workshop activity

We had a Japanese Sweets Workshop activity on Saturday, June 8, 2013. 6 students participated and we went to Miharado in Hongo-Sanchome where we had the same activity in our last summer course.

We're going to make 2 kinds of Japanese sweets from bean paste, this time, a maple leaf and waterfowl. Some students said, "I want to eat it!" after they saw the bean paste. To make a maple leaf, we used green and white bean paste and made the gradation. Then formed it as a leaf with a tool. The factory manager showed us to make a sample. Everyone was very surprised because it was so quick. And when they started making, they realized it was not so easy as it seemed.

After they managed to make a maple leaf, the next task was a waterfowl. I tried it last summer myself, but my work looked like a dumpling rather than a bird. They made waterfowls without using any tools but fingers only. It was really hard and I was worried if they could make birds, but no one's work looked a dumpling, but they could make 6 beautiful waterfowls.

We felt like it was just a moment, but everyone surely had a great time.





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