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Food Replica Making Activity

We had a "Food Replica Making Workshop" activity last Saturday, Dec. 8.

We took the subway, Tokyo Metro, to get to Kappabashi. Some of the students told they recently visited there and some went there once a month to get some dishes.

At the workshop, the instructor showed us how to make lettuce first and we gave her great cheer! The students looked worried if they could make it by themselves. And when the instructor made a tempura, we gave her a big applause again!

Now it's time for the students to make lettuce and shrimp tempura. They managed to remember how to make them by watching the instructor's demonstration. We took a group photo in front of the shop after the workshop. They told, "It was the best experience in my life" and "It was really a lot of fun!"

Later, some advanced class students headed up to Asakusa because they felt like eating real tempura by making tempura. And the others went for a walk in Kappabashi. We're very happy that every student had a great time.

A student is making lettuce. (Video)


The instructor is showing a demo. (Everyone is so serious!)


Now, shrimp tempura!


Lettuce, the most difficult one!


A group photo in front of the shop.
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