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Sake Brewery Visit

We had a sake brewery visit activity on May 19, 2012. 10 students participated this time. We could leave on time because no one was late.

After meeting at Shinjuku station at noon, we went to Sawanoi Sake Brewery by train. It took about an hour and a half. Many students were surprised to know that it's necessary to press a button to open the doors after a few stops from Tachikawa station. They enjoyed the views from the windows when the train was surrounded by the mountains in Ome line.

Everyone was very excited after we arrived at the station near Sawanoi Sake Brewery. They seemed very relaxed in nature. They had a tour at the brewery at 14pm. At the end of the tour, they tried sake tasting. The person in charge said, "A lot of people say it's sweet, but it's actually dry." But everyone told it isn't dry, it's sweet!

Then we had a free time for an hour. Some went to the river and some hiked in the mountains. They had ice cream and went back to the station. We couldn't take Chuo line because of its repair work on the way back, so we took Seibu line instead. They all fell asleep on the train.

It looks like they could refresh in nature after the mid-term test. Thank you for your cooperation, everyone!



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