Activity "Let's go to Izakaya!" | Club KAI | KAI Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan

Activity "Let's go to Izakaya!"

We had our activity "Izakaya Party" on April 27, 2012 with 32 students.

We began the karaoke with a birthday song for 6 students who were having their birthdays in April and May.

After the birthday song, the first singer of the night was a Swiss student from Level 1 class who sang a J-pop song. The next song was "LA BAMBA" by Spanish speaking students, to which everyone sang along in chorus. After that, everyone was waiting in line to sing their favorite songs. The last singer of the night was a student from Thailand singing the famous Japanese song "Kitaguni-no-haru" by Masao Sen.

Singing, drinking, eating and laughing, the joyous hours went by fast and the party ended with happy smiles.


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