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Fuurin Workshop

On Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011, we had the furin (wind chime) activity.

6 students participated in it. We took the train to get to Mizue, Edogawa-ku from Shinjuku. Shinohara Furin Hompo is a 15-min-walk from the station surrounded by dismantling plants and residences. The students took a lot of pictures on the way there as usual.

After arriving the factory, they first started from glassblowing. They’re very worried about it and one student even wanted to be the last because she’s not ready yet. A few more steps were necessary until it became the hanging form. It’s interesting to see that the size of furin really depends on the lung capacity.

They started painting after the glass cooled down. It was very difficult because it’s necessary to paint inside, not outside. So everyone was very serious. One student painted with lots of colors like Monet, another wrote a message so that she could give it to her mom for her birthday present. Another painted pandas (a normal one and a one breeding at the mouth) and the other wanted to paint a devil and a dragon but it turned out to be something different. Each work was very unique.

On the way back, the students repeating “Meat! Meat!” went to an all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant in Mizue and the others got back to Shinjuku. Every student surely enjoyed a lot.


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