Sake Brewery Visit | Club KAI | KAI Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan

Sake Brewery Visit

We visited Sawanoi sake brewery on Saturday 21st May with 4 students. We began our journey with a 1h20m train ride from central Tokyo which took us to an area surrounded by beautiful nature. Life in the city is exciting and all, but we certainly need this kind of weekend getaway once in a while. It was a perfect time as well just after the mid-term exam! We were also blessed with excellent weather, hot and sunny like a summer day.
After watching the art of sake making process and tasting the delicious drops of sake, we took a walk around in the lush greenery, went down to the river and dipped our feet in the cold, fresh water. It was so relaxing and refreshing!
Good times always fly by fast. Before we know it, It was time to take a train back home. Everyone came back with a bottle of sake and an ochoko (a small sake cup), and a happy smiles on their faces.





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