Challenge 25 | KAI Japanese Language School

Challenge 25


KAI Japanese Language School agrees with the gist of the movement to reduce CO2, "Challenge 25 campaign," and has decided to participate in it. The actions KAI Japanese Language School is taking to cut down on CO2 are as follows:

Introducing LED lighting system

We changed the ceiling lights of all the classrooms to LED bulbs. The previous bulbs made the area very warm while the new LED bulbs never, and the effect of saving electricity is very big.


Setting up green curtains on the windows to reduce the use of air conditioners

We grow goya (bitter gourd) on the windows of east side of classrooms to make it as green curtains. We started growing it last year and were surprised at the big effect. By making use of our last year's experience, we grow it carefully so that it'll be more luxuriant than last year.


Ensuring saving electricity diligently by turning off the lights of the classrooms while there's no class, etc.

All staff and teachers of KAI Japanese Language School always keep in mind to save electricity. Each one of them is thorough to turn off the classroom lights after the class ends so that we don't waste electricity.